Testimonials-Physion Clinic



"I initially visited Marius complaining of neck, hip and coccyx pain, and very tight hamstrings which was stopping me from running.  Not long previous, I had visited a spinal surgeon for a ridiculous sum of money only to be told I needed neck surgery.  Funnily enough, I rejected his recommendation and thought to myself someone else will have to pay for all his Christmas shopping.
2 cycling buddies of mine recommended Marius.   I knew they were seeing him a while which I felt was a good sign.  I have been to many physios, physical therapists you name it over the years to help me avoid pain while training and keep me doing what I love.  I still think I have the body of a 20 year old :-)
Straight away I warmed to Marius.  He didn't tell me to stop wearing heels, change all my footwear, stop training so hard on the bike or take up knitting.  He diagnosed each issue, and advised a course of treatments to get me right.  He corrected my coccyx which had been knocked out of place from many a fall off a horse years earlier.  I have always thought rubbish balance was something I simply had to accept about myself, but now I can do all my Balance postures in yoga without falling.
I am now seeing Marius for acupuncture and Moxibustion to deal with emotional trauma I experienced in my past.
To say I trust Marius is an understatement.  His professionalism and deep caring nature really stands out.  He knows his stuff inside out and I love chatting to him about all things health related.  He works hard and is always so busy, but you can tell helping others is his passion.
I recommend Marius 100%."

Colette Harte - Dublin.March 2021

"I began my sessions in severe pain and anxiety that I could not get my muscles to relax. Your questions in the first session helped to identify the major causes of strain that were coming from regular driving and painting. 
I am very grateful that you not only treated the condition with a combination of dry needling and specific massage techniques but you also showed me exercises to do to continue the improvement in my work environment. I found your approach during the sessions very considerate. I experienced immediate relief after the first session and a continued improvement since. Thank you so much."

Patricia Hennessy - Dublin.December 2018 

"I have been attending Marius for a number of months now. I wanted to try more natural remedies for pain relief and management. I have been receiving treatment for inflammation due to arthritis, mainly in my back and feet. Since I started acupuncture, I have had great relief from my symptoms. Marius is incredibly knowledgeable and keeps you informed of the areas which need attention and how your body is responding to treatment throughout the sessions. I look forward to each session with Marius as the results achieved so far have made such a difference to my daily life"

Joyce Egan - Dublin.December 2018

"I had been suffering from neck shoulder and back issues for a no of years and had attended other physical therapists with no lasting results until Marius was recommended to me. From the very first session he understood exactly where my pain stemmed by taking the time to listen and evaluate and from there the plan was then in place! After a short course of visits my pain was taken care of.

Marius is not only concerned with the physical side, his knowledge of all aspects of the human body is vast and his treatment is full mind body and soul, he takes a real interest in you personally.
Fertility issues had brought my body and mind to a low place but through a course of acupuncture and Marius’s positive mental attitude and understanding of the body and mind conflicts, his treatment played a huge part in me finally reaching my goal.
I cannot recommend Marius enough!"

Mary Ryan - Dublin. November 2018


"I went to Marius suffering from a lower back issue which was physically painful and preventing me from doing hobbies like running which I really missed. At the initial consultation Marius took the time to carry out a full assessment and to understand the impact that the issue was having on my life as a whole. Through a combination of manipulation, dry needling and exercises which I was easily able to fit into my daily routine, I’m delighted to say that I’m pain free and back running. Marius is very professional, thorough and has a lovely manner. I have and continue to recommend Marius to friends and family."

Karen Burns - Dublin. June 2018

" I was referred to Marius by a work colleague for recurring back pain, hip pain and intermittent sciatica that had gone on for far too many years.
Like a lot of people with recurring injuries or pain I had been through the usual stream of physios, acupuncturists, chiropractors and a neurosurgeon for good measure.
Once I attended Marius he diagnosed the main culprit of my symptoms, which none of the previous health professionals had spotted and that I myself had never understood.
Marius set realistic expectations for me and this coupled with weekly treatment and a home stretching and conditioning routine I have made steady progress week on week.
Marius is a top physical therapist and I would highly recommend him to anyone for treatment, but especially to people who may have become disillusioned after previous treatments that did not work for them."

Martin Dowling - Dublin. May 2018



"Marius has given me much relief to sort out on-going hip and back issues from which I have sufferred for many years.
His treatment comes with recommendations to manage injuries and niggles.He is one of the best physical therapists that I have used.
High recommended!"

Ciara Kinch - Dublin. January 2018


"I had struggled for 8 years with what was diagnosed as IT Band Syndrome. I went to different physiotherapy clinics but, after many sessions, I was left frustrated with the lack of progress and the lack of understanding of the cause of my injury. At times the tension around my knee would be so bad that I could barely do a short walk around the city without limping. 

From the first session, Marius was able to clearly explain to me what the root of the injury was and why previous treatments hadn’t worked. I started feeling improvements from the beginning. He has been excellent at pacing me and keeping me motivated so I wouldn’t reverse the progress I had been making. I have managed to run up to 8kms now and feel confident I now know what to do to prevent any further injuries. 

Marius has both deep medical knowledge as a therapist and profound understanding of the patient personality and psychology."

Aurora Perez Machio - Dublin.November 2016

"I have been attending Marius for several months for back, heel and shoulder pain. During this time I have experienced a great improvement in my symptoms. I would highly recommend him for his professionalism, excellent bedside manner and dedication in helping me achieve a much better quality of life with significantly reduced pain in these areas"

Maureen Connolly - Dublin.June 2016

"Since attending Physion Clinic with Marius I now have much more mobility in my arm and shoulder.
Initially my shoulder was so weak I was unable to move my arm around my back.Within two sessions, consisting of acupuncture, physical therapy and a demonstration of exercises to strengthen the muscles I started to notice an improvement in flexibility, range of motion and arm and upper back strength.
Maurius guided me on how important it is to do the exercises at home in order for the treatments at his clinic to be successful.
My lifestyle is so much improved, I can now more fully enjoy and avail of hobbies such as dancing/ hill walking.
Marius is very courteous,and puts his client at ease."

Frances McGrath - Dublin.February 2016

I've had many therapists in my life ( 2 spine surgeries after motorcycle crash ) and Marius is definitely one of the top on my list.

We've been working together for the last  6 months and since then I've made a huge progress, which I couldn't achieve with other therapists for many years.
Marius listen to the patients and is open for any suggestion. Before he starts the treatment, he clearly explains the cause of pain and makes a plan to fix it.
He also gives good exercises to maintain the progress and keep the core muscles in a proper condition. 

Very nice person with excellent approach - I have no doubt in recommending Marius to anyone !!!"

Bart Goliszek - Dublin. January 2016

"Marius is an excellent physical therapist. He is very professional in his approach, knowledgeable, thorough and achieves excellent results through a holistic approach in his treatment plan. I had a very positive experience and successful outcome after my treatment programme with him. I would highly recommend him and have great confidence in his ability at treating sports injuries."

Roisin O'Connor - Dublin. July 2015

"I  suffered from lower back pain for thirty years and eventually had a discectomy. Seven years on I was still in excruciating pain and on daily painkillers. Ordinary daily chores became difficult and sometimes impossible . A good friend recommended Marius ( having been successfully treated by him herself). Desperate and full of  skepticism I made  an appointment and I'm really glad I did. Marius was friendly and for the first time I felt that he understood what I was going through. I attended his clinic on a weekly basis and also did the exercises he gave me that are now part of my daily routine. Gradually with his treatment I began to improve and now less than two years down the road I am pain free and no longer need medication .
At all times Marius is friendly, professional , respectful ,encouraging and I would have no hesitation in recommending him and could not recommend him highly enough.
 Thank you Marius."
Mary Scarry - Dublin. July 2015

"I came to Marius' clinic with a recurring knee problem that came from an ACL surgery and improper training. From the beginning he had a process for identifying the problems. And right off made sure that the pain was eased through massage and dry needling. Over the several weeks visiting Marius, specific exercises were given that were to strengthen and lengthen the muscles causing the problems. Over the few weeks I could definitely feel a difference, both in strength and stability in the knee given greater confidence to my everyday movements.

All of this is thanks to Marius. It was definitely worth going to see him. Much of the problems were resolved whilst in his clinic and the rest was up to myself keeping with the given exercises."

Deividas Dvylaitis - Dublin. July 2015

"I first presented to Marius back in August 2014 with a severe groin tear. I had ignored it for a number of weeks and eventually went to seek treatment. I had been training hard up until that point, having run 2 half marathons and was training for the full marathon in the October of that year
Marius worked very hard on the groin tear over the next number of months. He used physical therapy techniques that really worked in to the tear and all a long explained to me in plain English exactly what he was doing. I found this very refreshing and a bit of a biology lesson! Either way it helped to understand a little bit about the injury which made it easier for me to visualize what was wrong. The exercises he prescribed for me to do at home, whilst I hated doing them :-) ) helped me to regain strength and stability in the area. I was back running within 3 months.
Unfortunately that wasn't an end to my bad luck, injury wise, that year. I incurred two prolapsed discs and as a result, a trapped nerve before Christmas 2014. The pain was excruciating. I have never felt anything like it. I did not think twice about going back to Marius for treatment and we are in the middle of rehabilitation for that currently. Marius is using a mixture of tracking, acupuncture and physical therapy treatment to stabilize my discs and relieve the pain. Again the homework is intense but I know that if I follow Marius's advise, like with the groin tear, I will get back to normal in no time.
I would highly recommend Marius to anyone who has sustained an injury through sport or any other way. He cares about his patients, he prescribes at home exercises that really help to speed up the healing process and most of all, he is an amazing physical therapist who knows more about the body than anyone I have ever gone to (and I have been to a number of therapists over the years)"
Maria Loughran - Dublin. January 2015

"I broke my leg very badly 6 years ago in a crash and had a bar inserted from my knee to my  ankle. I have had limited mobility ever since , it got so bad that I couldn't walk more than 500m without experiencing severe pain in my calf and lower leg. My doctor advised rehabilitation and a relation recommended PHYSION CLINIC to me as she had a very positive experience there. 
I have been attending Marius for the past 7 months and the results have been outstanding !! Using a combination of dry needling and deep tissue massage the swelling in the bottom half of my leg has all but disappeared. Tissue in my lower limb that felt solid to the touch has slowly become supple again, something that I thought would never happen. The exercise sessions that Marius formulates for me are innovative and have succeeded in strengthening the muscle not only in the injured leg but in the other leg also.

I now walk a minimum of 10 km every day and I experience only slight discomfort after exercising. Marius has a very professional manner but is extremely friendly and puts you totally at ease, explaining every detail relating to your treatment and the techniques he deploys.

I have no hesitation recommending Marius to anyone, he has given me a new lease of life."
Dermot Johnson - Dublin. October 2014

"I have attended Marius for a year, initially with a swollen foot 4 weeks before the Dublin marathon, after training for months & then not being able to run it was a relief that Marius was able to get me to the start line through needling, massage & strengthening exercises.
This year I have had ongoing hip issues/pain on running while training for an ironman, through weekly visits coming up to the event Marius was able to release the pain to enable me to continue training while also advising on strength training exercises after the event to prevent this happening again.
Marius understands the specific needs of athletes & I would not have got to the start line of either of these 2 events without his treatments.
Thanks Marius :-)

Mary Ward - Dublin. July 2014


"Marius has done wonders for me since I started sessions with him last year and my shoulder injury has improved tremendously. He personalizes the treatment sessions using a variety of techniques including acupuncture and massage and has the ability to locate the sore spots, release the tension and realign the body. To support the recovery he shows me suitable exercises I can do at home and he never fails to check how the exercise routine is working for me. He certainly raised the bar for Physical Therapists and I regret that I can`t bring him with me when I move back home  to Canada at the end of my semester. The work he has done has been an invaluable investment in my body`s health and well being"

Antje Bitterberg - Vancouver. March 2013

"I first attended Physion Clinic at Northwood Gym in May 2011. At that time bad arthritis in my knees had become very painful and had left them in a very weak condition. Marius undertook a programme of physical therapy and gentle but effective exercises, which I continue to do at home. Today my knees are strong and walking is not a struggle.
 Recently I had a disk replaced in my neck and Marius is now treating me so that I can regain good movement and strength in the affected area, which will aid my recovery.
Marius is an excellent therapist as he takes the time to listen and assess what treatment is most suitable. He explains how all treatments work very well and I have full confidence in him."

Anne Brogan - Dublin. April 2013

"I have been attending Marius for the past 4 years for rehabilitative treatment. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2007 and following 3 operations I was left without any use of my right hand and arm and impaired movement in my right leg which causes difficulty in my walking. With weekly visits to Marius and his hands-on approach I find it very useful for me.
 Marius mainly works on easing stiffness and maintaining my muscle tone with the use of massage and dry-needling. It definitely has helped with my mobility in walking and keeping my arm muscles less tense. He also suggests gentle exercises for me.
 He is very professional.
I would highly recommend Marius without any hesitation."
Niamh Corbally PhD - Dublin. April 2013
"I have gone to Marius for Physical Therapy on several occasions in the past few years. He is highly skilled and provides an excellent service. You always feel that you have gotten value for money. He is friendly, generous with his time and willing to explain exactly what treatment is needed. He not only focuses on getting me back running/cycling again but also focuses on long term solutions to prevent recurrence of injuries eg. stretching and strengthening advice.
 I attended his clinic in the run up to the Dublin Marathon in 2012 and I honestly doubt I`d have achieved my time goal without his help and advice.
 Thank you Marius."
Ann Horan - Dublin. April 2014
"I have attended Physion Clinic over the last few years with dancing related injuries, one of which took several sessions to rectify and I was very happy with the outcome.I found Marius to be professional and courteous. I have recommended the clinic to relatives and friends who have also been more than happy with the services provided."
Tara Cashman - Dublin. April 2013

"Marius is an excellent physical therapist. I find him to be very thorough, knowledgeable, skilled and caring in his approach. Having attended many therapists over the years I can honestly say that Marius is outstanding in his attention to people`s particulars needs and in the holistic way in which he approaches his work. I would recommend him highly."
Anne Hession - Dublin. May 2013

"I came to see Marius after 6 months of problems with my calves. He started with series of acupuncture and massage treatments that immediately eased my pain. Unlike other medics and health care professionals I have visited for treatment previously, Marius was not focused on getting me tied into a long commitment of treatments but actually solving the problem. In fact he complemented treatments with personalized exercises I could do at home to strengthen and balance my muscles. Today my calves are much stronger and they could sustain a harder workout than before. I thoroughly recommend him."
Mattia Cremona - Dublin. May 2013

"I have attended Marius for a variety of injuries over the last three years. I have found Marius to be extremely professional and I have full confidence in his ability to resolve any injuries I have, using different techniques.
 Importantly for me, Marius sets me realistic targets so I can continue training despite ongoing rehabilitation."
Mairead Casserly - Dublin. May 2013

"Having been injured for over two years and completely given up hope, I initially went to Marius for a relaxing massage. Within 20 minutes of my first appointment he had correctly diagnosed the root of the problems, something that all before (including Spine Specialists, Surgeons in New York and an Irish athletics team physiotherapist that I attended for 8 months) could not.
 Once Marius had treated my major injury, he began working on other body areas which were also injured (calves and shoulder).....Now I train a lot! Just incredible results through a combination of his treatment and the exercises he prescribed. What I also found hugely important was that his exercises really targeted your problem which meant you done them every day, as opposed to skipping them because you don`t notice the difference.
 Before meeting Marius I had spent maybe € 10 000,00 on different specialists, Surgeons, MRI`s etc with no results. After 2 years from injury and 4-5 weeks after starting the treatments I`m finally back training. 
 In an ideal world  I would have met Marius on 11 April 2011 but I didn`t. I am still incredibly glad I met him. If you are injured GO TO HIM!"
Colm Mackin - Dublin. May 2013

"I first attended Marius for a sports injury to my right arm in 2011 which was treated successfully.
I am currently undergoing treatment for Frozen shoulder.Marius uses a combination of massage, kinesio taping and dry needling as part of the treatment.He also advises on strengthening exercises and follows up at every session to assess progress.
Because of his treatment I have maintained mobility in my shoulder and is steadily improving.
Marius is very professional and caring in his approach.He is also very friendly and easy to talk to and I would certainly recommend him highly"
 Brian O`Dowd - Dublin. July 2013

"My friend referred me to Marius a year ago. At this stage I didn`t know whether to go to a Physiotherapist or Physical Therapist, in truth, I didn`t really know what the difference was.
I had injured my ankle while out hiking, training for a summit climb. Not only did he diagnose my injury correctly but also found scar tissue from an old injury that was previously misdiagnosed by someone else.
Using an integrated approach of manipulation, acupuncture and rehabilitation exercises he had me back to fitness in a few months.
I still go to Marius on a regular basis, as over-training can often lead to a niggle here and there.
I like to ensure that Marius helps me remain injury free"
 Yvonne Neeson - Dublin. October 2013