Rehabilitation-Physion Clinic


Rehabilitation is aimed at improving, restoring and maintaining physical strength and mobility of an injured area.
The rehabilitation programs provided by Physion Clinic are customized according to the type and gravity of the injury and are supported by the latest evidence based research.
The home care program is given after a detailed assessment and you will be helped along the way to make sure that you are able to do the exercises. The program will meet specific criteria of the particular stage of he rehabilitation process.
If any specific exercise is increasing your pain or discomfort than is not suitable for you at that particular stage of rehabilitation process and if you keep doing it your recovery may be delayed and also the risk of re-injury may increase.
At Physion Clinic the main goal is to offer the most efficient treatment, shortening the number of visits as much as possible. The aim is to get visible improvement within 1-3 sessions (whether is reducing the pain level,the inflammation or improving the movement).
This being said, there are a number of injuries/conditions that would require a longer period until the full recovery/return to play is achieved. In these cases, depending on the individual fitness level or the gravity of injury we have to consider moths instead of weeks.
An example could be the ACL rehabilitation where the full recovery could take between 6-12 months, depending again of the severity and the surgical procedure used.
Other conditions that may require longer term treatments are:
                                                                                     Repetitive strain conditions
                                                                                     Postural strain conditions
                                                                                     Stress related conditions
                                                                                     Frozen shoulder
As with any progressive condition like arthritis, we cannot promise you to cure it but with regular treatments and given the excellent price value of  46 per treatment when opting for bundles of 6 sessions, you will be able to manage it and keep a high living standard at a minimal cost.