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Biomedical Acupuncture

Biomedical Acupuncture - Dry Needling was developed by the well-known Dr Yun-Tao Ma, director and founder of Biomedical Acupuncture Institute and is an evidence based therapy used for restoring soft-tissue dysfunction.
Using specific techniques, dry-needling is used to normalize the soft tissue dysfunction by relaxing the muscle tension and increasing the blood flow. Also, it helps improve the neuromuscular response of the affected areas by stimulating the endorphin release.
As a treatment modality dry-needling has very few or no side effects.
Most of the techniques used are pain free and due to the lower pressure impact on the soft tissue it is extremely beneficial in treating acute injuries, helping to reduce the inflammation and to improve the recovery time.

Biomedical Acupuncture - Dry-needling is not the same as the traditional chinese acupuncture.

The needles used are high quality, single use and sterile
        Monitored with a thermal imaging camera showing the change in the areas with inflammation (red coloured).
     Following a sprain of the medial collateral ligament and a severe trauma of the knee, using specific dry-needling techniques, the player was able to actively maintain the knee movement,reduce the swelling and start the rehabilitation sooner thus shortening the rehabilitation time and cost.
   Statistics show that during lifetime everyone of us will sustain some sort of injury to lower leg or ankle.
If you are an active person who likes to exercise, it may happen more than once.
The treatments available for acute injuries using dry-needling are mostly pain-free and combined with other treatments will provide a fast recovery. 
    If you ever had a locked pelvis than you may remember the excruciating pain on every move.
The dry-needling techniques available at Physion Clinic are an alternative to painful mobilizations or manipulations which sometimes are increasing the pain and discomfort before becoming efficient.
Alopecia -a nightmare that affects 1-2 people in every 1000
            Using specific dry-needling techniques, great results were achieved in stimulating the hair growth.
                    These results were achieved after 5 sessions.
 " I started my treatment on March 30th 2013. I was suffering from alopecia for about two months already and was quite hopeless as nothing was helping (I tried the Re-Gain serum, I gave up my contraception pills and also changed my diet). Then I decided to try the acupuncture as from my previous experience regarding different issues I had very good results. Luckily I came across Physion Clinic and I made an appointment with Marius. So far I had 5 acupuncture treatments and my hair is growing back! (I had one treatment a week). The results are amazing! I did not expect this at all as my GP said that to recover from alopecia fully it will take up to one year! However after only 5 weeks of the acupuncture treatment my hair is growing back. I highly recommend to anybody who suffers from alopecia or with anything else to give it a go. You have nothing to lose, you can only gain!"
 Happy Marta - 01.05.2013